Mental Health Awareness in the VI

Mental Health Awareness is a platform in the US Virgin Islands started by Kia Griffith, a native of St. Croix. One day after a rigorous day at work, she commenced on a path to advocacy and awareness via Facebook Live. On a daily basis, she would provide insight in to the mind of a person with a mental illness–through her lens, her story, her life. Griffith has been recently diagnosed as having Bipolar I Disorder, as defined by the DSM-5, a disorder that is marked by recurring periods of mania and depressive mood. She aims to share this unique perspective with the world via Facebook, YouTube, and Egypt Entertainment. Stay tuned for video updates on YouTube and catch her on Facebook Live.

Visit her Facebook page at Like, love and share! Subscribe to her YouTube page at so you can get instant notifications on your mobile device when she posts a video.

Call to Action: Mental Health Awareness is being aware of your emotions, the emotions of others, and providing access to services and support. Mental health is HEALTH. Mental Health says that you are a person first. Join the #MeFIRST Campaign by sharing the #MeFirst video on Facebook. Tag Mental Health Awareness and I will do a live video shouting you out by name. 

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